A School Council is a legally formed body that is given powers to set the key directions of a school and is the major governing body of the school.

What is a School Council?

  • Plays an important role in school accountability and improvement processes.
  • Endorses the key school planning, evaluation and reporting documents.

Objectives of School Council...

  • Assists in the efficient governance of the school.
  • Ensures students’ best interests are primary.
  • Enhances the educational opportunities for students.
  • Ensures compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

The function of School Council is to...

  • Establish the broad direction and vision of the school within the school’s community.
  • Participate in the development and monitoring of the school strategic plan.
  • Develop, review and monitor the Student Engagement Policy and the School Dress Code.
  • Approve the annual budget and monitor expenditure.
  • Maintain school grounds and facilities.
  • Enter into contracts (e.g. cleaning, construction work).
  • Report annually to the school community and to the Department of Education & Training (DET).
  • Generally stimulate interest in the school in the wider community.

School Council Membership

The Council is constituted to have up to 15 members drawn from the following categories:

  • Department of Education & Training Employee Members
  • Parent Members
  • Community Members

Department of Education & Training Employee Members

Craig Sutherland (College Principal) - Term Ongoing

Nic Fisher - Term expires March 2019

Lyn Neville - Term expires March 2019

Lesley Falk - Term expires March 2020

Sarah Walker - Term expires March 2020

Parent Members

John McKenzie (President) - Term expires March 2019

Julie Chester - Term expires March 2019

Jude Lunny - Term expires March 2019

Leah Landy - Term expires March 2020

Lindy Bills - Term expires March 2020

Kellie Cheers - Term expires March 2020

Community Members

Phil Loukes - Term expires March 2019

Ray Barling - Term expires March 2020