Parents are encouraged to contact any of their child’s teachers at any time to discuss matters relating to their child’s learning and welfare.

The following people have specific roles in supporting students and can be contacted at the College during school hours.  Please leave a message if the person is in class when you call.


Principal:  Mr. Craig Sutherland

Craig can be contacted at any time if you are unable to make contact with the relevant person from this list.

Email: Craig Sutherland


Year 7 Coordinator: Ms. Sarah Walker

Sarah is responsible for student enrolment and supporting students through the transition process (Grade 6 to Year 7). Sarah also deals with the student management and welfare of Year 7 students.

Email: Sarah Walker

Year 8 Coordinator:  Mr. Ray Williams

Ray is responsible for enrolments and overall student management and welfare of students in Year 8.

Email: Ray Williams

Year 9 Coordinator:  Ms. Rebecca Brennan

Rebecca is responsible for enrolments and overall student management and welfare of students in Year 9.

Email: Rebecca Brennan

Year 10 Coordinator:  Mr. Nic Fisher

Nic is responsible for enrolments and overall student management and welfare of students in Year 10 and the process of transition to post compulsory education in Year 11.

Email: Nic Fisher

Senior School Coordinators: Ms. Lesley Falk & Ms. Christina Lloyd

Lesley and Christina support the process of transition from Year 10 to post compulsory education in Year 11. They are responsible for the enrolment and support of students in Years 11 and 12. This is done working closely with the college Welfare Team and Careers Practitioner.

Email: Lesley Falk

Email: Christina Lloyd

Specialist Roles

Student Welfare Coordinator: Ms. Lyn Neville  

Lyn provides support to students and families who are experiencing any form of hardship.  Lyn can also arrange counselling for students & connections with other support agencies etc.

Email: Lyn Neville

Careers Practitioner: Ms. Dee Cameron

Dee assists students to plan effectively for their future learning and employment.  She also assists in organising work experience placements.

Email: Dee Cameron

Adolescent Health Nurse: Ms. Bernie McHugh

Bernie is responsible for the implementation of programs and policies related to specific health issues. She also provides support and advice relating to health and well being matters for both parents and students.

Email: Bernie McHugh

Leading Teachers

Community Partnerships & Transition:  Ms. Sarah Walker

Sarah is responsible for student transition from Primary into Secondary school and liaising with local Community Groups.

Email: Sarah Walker

Teaching and Learning: Ms. Dorothy Scott

Dorothy plays a key role in supporting the implementation of the Strategic Plan priorities and assists the College community in achieving its strategic targets.

This includes:

  • Curriculum leadership and documentation
  • Differentiation
  • Learning acceleration/extension
  • Learning intervention
  • Reporting/assessment
  • Teaching and Learning delivery in classrooms

Email: Dorothy Scott

Student Engagement & Wellbeing: Ms. Christina Lloyd

Christina coordinates all aspects of programs to support staff and students to enhance student wellbeing and learning. In order to do this, she works closely with Year Level Coordinators, the Student Welfare Coordinator and the School Nurse to plan, develop, coordinate and implement well-being programs with a focus on collaborative consultation and effective communication. Christina’s focus is also to maximise student attendance through strengthening relationships with students and parents focussing on the value of learning.

Email: Christina Lloyd