Our College understands that information and communication technology (ICT) has become an integral part of education, employment and our daily lives in the 21st century.

In the past we have invested considerable equipment and cost to keep up with the fast paced changes in technology to give our students the best possible advantages. We are excited and happy to announce that Lakes Entrance Secondary College now implements a 1:1 laptop program for all year levels.

Advantages of the 1:1 Netbook Program

By implementing this program we recognise that E-Learning and the use of technology has become a vital element of effective teaching and learning. We also believe that it has ability to enhance each student’s engagement and learning potential.  It will enable each student to increase their knowledge and supports their ability to extend their own learning independently and will encourage students to be life long learners.

For more information relating to cost and options available please contact the Lakes Entrance Secondary College General Office.