School Captains

Year 11 & 12 students at Lakes Entrance Secondary College have the most significant leadership responsibilities.

All Captains are ambassadors who embody the school values. Their duties range from public speaking at school events to active involvement in school activities, and encouraging the involvement of other students. School leaders are elected by the staff and student body to represent them and act as an organisational team representing all students.

2019 School Captains

Clancy Chester, Nathalie Griffiths & Amy McKenzie.


Student Leadership Council (SLC)

Our Student Leadership Council is designed to ensure that students of the College have a voice and have opportunities to develop their leadership skills. 

Student representatives meet regularly under the guidance of a teacher to organise student events such as School Socials and Student Reward Days. The SLC is also the conduit for the opinions of students to be heard by the staff and administration of the College.

Being a representative student body from all year levels, the students involved are provided with an opportunity to become leaders in the school. Their time is given voluntarily and their aim is to improve the school environment for everybody.  The SLC provides a very good forum for those students who may be interested in being elected to school captain positions in the future.

The SLC also assists in facilitating the Student Attitude to School and Satisfaction Survey, with the aim to address issues that are raised.