Lakes Entrance Secondary College has developed core values and behaviours with the support of the students and college community.

Behaviour associated with our twelve values are continuing to be developed by our students and staff and are the basis for the behaviours that we would like to see present in our school.


College Expectations

At Lakes Entrance Secondary College the commonly held expectations and proactive student education, reasonable behaviour, engagement and connectedness to the school community include:

Student expectations at Lakes Entrance Secondary College:

  • Believe in Learning
  • Have the right to be safe
  • Show respect for self and others

Classroom rules agreed upon to protect student rights:


  • We come to class with equipment to learn.
  • We listen to instructions and learn productively and cooperatively.


  • We treat others with respect, without putdowns, harassment or interfering with their belongings or persons.
  • We enter the classroom sensibly and safely.
  • We follow the particular safety rules required in each subject.


  • We listen to the person who has their turn to speak.
  • We ask for teacher assistance politely.


College Code of Conduct

This code is based upon the following student rights:

  • The right to feel secure and safe.
  • The right to be valued and treated with respect.
  • The right to learn in a positive environment without interference.
  • The right to develop one’s talents, interests and abilities to the fullest.
  • The right to have one’s property respected.

This code has the following objectives:

  • To promote consideration for rights of others.
  • To develop students self-discipline and self-control.
  • To enable students to be on task with their learning.
  • To enhance self-esteem.
  • To encourage responsibility and accountability for behaviour.
  • To promote values of honesty, fairness, tolerance and respect for others.
  • To promote rational conflict resolution.


College Values

Lakes Entrance Secondary College staff have clearly defined the College’s core beliefs and are resolved to promoting the academic achievement and the development of social values of students in response to community expectations.

These College values include:

Understanding, Tolerance & Inclusion

  • Being aware of others and their culture
  • Accepting and valuing all input by being included and including others
  • Actively participating in all aspects of school life
  • Celebrating success and projecting a consistently positive school image

Effective Teaching

  • Knowing our students – their learning styles, and appropriate assessment strategies
  • Sharing the belief that our students can aspire to and achieve excellence
  • Participating in, and contributing to professional growth and development
  • Developing classroom environments that maximise success for all
  • Being innovative and continually evaluating our practice
  • Exhibiting passion, taking risks and reflecting on professional practice
  • Making learning enjoyable


  • Listening to, valuing and having compassion for each other
  • Modelling appropriate behaviours
  • Creating and maintaining a professional teaching and learning environment
  • Respecting and maintaining a positive learning environment in all school activities