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wunman njinde


Being a smaller college doesn't mean fewer facilities at Lakes Entrance - it simply means greater access for students. State of the art classroom technology, fully equipped library, laptop program, full sized football oval, indoor and outdoor courts, a gym, cricket nets, landscaped gardens, the list goes on . . .


Perhaps the greatest advantage a smaller college like Lakes Entrance has is that it can provide individual programs for students based on their learning needs and interests. And wound into this approach is the understanding that each student’s personal wellbeing is fundamental to their educational progress.

Lakes Entrance Secondary College, in partnership with parents and the community, strives to provide the support, guidance and skills our children need to become grounded, adaptable and successful adults, ready and able to take up the challenges that an engaged and fulfilling life demands.


Lakes Entrance Secondary College expects, supports and celebrates effort and achievement across all areas of study - a policy that is reflected in the results and outcomes that our students enjoy.


The Lakes Entrance Secondary College uniform is mandatory. Students are expected to wear it with respect and pride, cognizant of the responsibilities that come with representing their college in their community.


There is always something on at Lakes Entrance Secondary College. You can check out upcoming events here.

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