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Lakes Entrance Secondary College is consistently the best performing State college and often the best performing college of any stripe in the region when it comes to ATAR scores and Study Scores over 40. Routinely, all Lakes Entrance senior students are accepted into their first preference of university course  - and rates of university completion are higher amongst Lakes Entrance graduates.




Many Lakes Entrance Secondary College VCAL students are unable to complete the VCAL program simply because they have secured apprenticeships or ongoing fulltime employment before the end of their senior studies. It is rare that less than 100% of VCAL graduates are not gainfully employed before the beginning of the next calendar year.


Lakes Entrance Secondary College expects, supports and celebrates effort and achievement across all areas of study - a policy that is reflected in the results and outcomes that our students enjoy.


Students who come into Lakes Entrance at Year 7 performing below the median in Literacy or Numeracy will have caught up by Year 9 – a feat so remarkable that, in the case of Numeracy, it became the focus of a Department of Education study.



Along with boasting one of the most comprehensive school sporting programs in Victorian Government Secondary Education, Lakes Entrance Secondary College can also boast about its many sporting successes! Lakes Entrance competes in a full range of winter and summer sports – a range only limited, in fact, by student interest – and has been successful at a state level across numerous disciplines, including Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, Athletics, Cross Country, Lawn Bowls, Volley Ball and Hockey. There must be something in the water . . .



The Student Leadership Council at Lakes Entrance Secondary College ensures that students have a formal avenue through which they can enact real change at the school, for the benefit of all students. Student representatives meet regularly to articulate issues and concerns, and to organise events such as School Socials and Student Reward Days. The SLC can also, via a structured, real-world process, submit researched and costed proposals to the School Council for endorsement and funding. During Years 11 & 12, senior students are elected as School Captains, the principal representatives and ambassadors of the college. Their duties range from public speaking at school events to active involvement in school activities, and encouraging the involvement of other students.



Lakes Entrance Secondary College recognizes and celebrates achievement and effort. It does so during the year through its Positive Recognition Awards, a program that rewards positive student behaviour, input and effort with both written recognition and exclusive Reward Day activities. The college also recognizes Academic Achievement, Persistence, Community Involvement and Sporting Excellence at its annual Awards Evening.

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